The New America

wow, it's happened,
I'm here,
i knew i would get the chance,
i've been waiting so long.

i knew that when they met,
they would be my mom and dad,
and now here we are,
soon to be a real family.

the Drs saying it's time,
i can feel my moms worry,
i can here a voice push, push,
ok, one more push.

oh my, it is so bright, beautiful,
but something is wrong,
they are not happy to see me,
i hear mom and dad say just do it.

as the nurse holds and comforts me,
the dr pokes me with something,
what's wrong? it's getting cold,
the light the beautiful light,
it's going, going away.
5min later

Doctor: you've made the right choice,
you did the best you could,
for the last nine months,
you had hoped, that he would be normal

but being born with no limbs
would be nothing but hardship,
not only for him but for the two of you as well.

Time of life 9 months 1:33 min
Time of birth 01:30
Time of Murder 01:33

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