Just a thought

Is just
A thought. Merely
A dot, a blot
In time, a moment passing
Through your mind, unless on that
Thought you spend some time. Then that
Dot becomes a line and the line continues
to grow, depending which way it’s allowed to go.
If allowed to grow without distraction, those thoughts will foster
Actions. Whether your thoughts turn into actions or your actions evolve
From your thoughts; actions which are repeated… well, actions they are not.
Something that you've thought, has become something that you do. Now a habit
You have formed, which will start defining you. This collection of your habits, good
or bad, are kept inside life’s jar. These habits define your character and reveal just
who you are. Now you’ve become a person whose destiny has been wrought by character forming
habits, derived from actions, begat by thought. Take great care in selecting wisely your character-forming train of thought, lest you think something you shouldn’t and become someone you’re not.

- Brock Ward

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