Just a Thought

It is the truth when they say it's remarkable
But yet is is breakable
I makes you smile, puzzling others
Yet in a glimpse, a flash of hate toward your sister's and brother's
It reminds you of the better times you had
It takes you back to where you were sad
As you switch from thought to thought
Trying to find that comfortable spot
You work so hard to keep it still
Changing the story to make it feel real
It takes you through stages you've conceived
Trapped for a moment, then you are freed
For no reason you begin to de ja vu
Was that me? Was I there? You can't confess it's true
It reminds you of loneliness and fear that you hide
It can draw in happiness or joyful pride
Yes it is remarkable, just like they say
But yet we let it haste away!

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