Just a wave

I feel the warmth of hugging summer
After bidding goodbye to winter
I pick up my surf board and head to the waters
And along with me comes my mother

I run to the ocean whose end wasn't clear
Like the ocean the boundary to my joy wasn't near
As I came closer, it was no longer blurry
I started surfing and then came the worry

I felt a cold hand on my shoulder
Too afraid but I've to act a bit bolder
I look around to find no one closer
Just hear a sound over and over

"Think you can surpass what's in the future
This happiness will last how much longer?
Not long 'cause now you ain't undercover
Don't believe me? Turn around and see who has come over"

I like surprises but not the ones that life gives
Right now I see a water tower rising
Much higher than ever witnessed by me
Before I could move I was engulfed by this tsunami

Coming out of it was much more harder
Than how hard is cutting water
Closed my eyes, didn't breathe as I was going deeper
But even now I hadn't quit being a fighter

Watching me go down it thought was it the last of my time?
Was I drowning as I had given up in this fight?
Little did it know what was in my mind
I had gone down just to come up like a spring recoils

On the surface, now I can breathe properly
But as I was crawling out, it was again pulling me
No longer I could even say "Help me"
So I just sighed and and gave in to my enemy

Suddenly it seemed like my world flipped around
Surprised to see that it brought me back to the ground
Looked behind to see what made this monster so polite
Seemed like it's biggest fear was Time

Time thumped it's foot down so it had to recoil
Time came up to me and healed all my wounds of this turmoil
I thanked and ran back to hug my mum tight
And told her everything about my fight

I was taken aback by the words she said
"Calm down honey, it was just a wave"
Now as I look back on what she said
She was right, it was all in my head.

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