Just An Old Wordsmith

it's been said that I'm a poet,
but I don't think it's so,
I consider my self a wordsmith,
sorry, I just can't let this one go.

you see I never give it much thought,
for the words have always been their,
it's not as bad as hearing voices
of those people are scared.

to start a line with nothing,
and watch how the words flow,
never knowing which direction,
they are going to go.

I never really need a topic,
but once and a while they are nice,
but I never can stop thinking words,
for they are my greatest vice.

so as long as I am living,
now, with what time is left,
I know that I can never stop,
for I'm just an old wordsmith.

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This Poems Story

I wondered if there was a difference between a wordsmith and a poet.