Just Another Boy

You look at me again with those brown eyes as if you've won the grand prize.
And I just smile as I go along about my day without giving you a second thought.
You approached me with the intention of getting into my world, but I stopped you at the gates.
'Cause I didn't need another romantic interest failing to start in my already chaotic world.
Yet you kept pushing yourself onto me, wishing to gain access to my broken heart.
Always trying different methods to winning my affection either through talking or laughter.
And sometimes you would get my attention while other times you would just piss me off.
Always the flip of the coin when it comes to you, yet you won't succeed in this game you play.

'Cause I'm stuck on trying to better myself while you're just another boy looking for a quick fix.
I'm looking for a long term love to last the ages, not another name added to my material list.
You can keep going on and on, wanting to make something happen between the both of us in this world.
But I'm just going to let you know for the record that you'll never have a place in my life.

Each day you present yourself differently to me depending on the company around us.
One moment you're sane while the next you become a giggling schoolgirl with a first crush.
Always blushing when you speak or joke to me while I wear my mask talking to you.
I know better than to let my defenses down each time you come around me.
Since I don't need to go down that road of love with you; giving me nothing to offer.
Yet you keep trying your best to win me over as the days keep passing on when we're together.
Always a flip of the coin when it comes to you, yet you'll never win this game you play.

'Cause I'm stuck on trying to better myself while you're just another boy confused on who you are.
You keep playing the 'straight' card on me while your actions speak louder than your words.
I don't have time to entertain since I know exactly what I want and it's clearly not you.
Maybe one day you'll see that I have no interest in you other than just being friends.

This story could have been written differently if time wasn't a factor in the plot.
Since truth be told you're cute as hell, but I know better than to play with fire.
And if you were certain exactly what you wanted then you could have melted this cold heart.
Except day in and day out it's always the same story with you; staring at me from a distance.
Admiring the ground I walk on and "accidentally" bumping into me to get a cheap touch.
Such a sad narrative you use in trying to win my affection in all the wrong ways.

But I'm stuck on trying to perfect my art of the written word while you're just another boy to me.
Don't need a quick fix since I'm looking for love to test time through the ages within this life.
Maybe one day you'll grow up to become a good man in this life; prove me completely wrong.
Until that time comes however, I'll continue to walk to the beat of my drum...

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This Poems Story

This poem is about a guy who I think has a crush on me, but not entirely sure.