Just another day

What a world we live in.
Doctors, have found a way to 3D print organs.
There's a train that can run over two hundred miles per hour,
And mortality rates, have been at a low for over forty years.

But what about our suicide rates.
Which have been slowly rising, till we soon won't be able to see anything else.
Or What about our views of others.
Our prejudice like a blindfold, showing us only what we want.
Never filling the shoes,never walking the mile.
A day in the life:

You go from day to day in a routine.
Oh look here's the magazine, telling me I'll never be good enough.
I escape to school where I find my outfit shows too much shoulder, as if one of my male counterparts is going to complain that my shoulders distracted him. Because we all know his education is more important than mine.

I ride the bus home that afternoon under the scrutiny of the creep that sits behind me.
I am a sitting duck.
Unable to say anything because... it's just a phase, it's not rape culture, it's just the way boys are.

And it's just another day, when another girl is raped.
We’re living in death.
And it's just another day, when another kid is dead because he thought he was fat, when you could actually count all his ribs.
And we’re living in death.
And it is just another day, when another kid consoles herself, by giving life to the scars in her soul on her arm.
And we’re living in death.
Our children are dying, but you act like it's just another day.

So we get up, go to work, unaware of how broken our society is.
Of how another black man is shot, for trying to get to his child's game on time.
Of how another girl has lost her soul. for walking home alone at night.
And of how we kill ourselves, because it's the only way out.
But hey,
Why try to do anything?
It's just another day.

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