Just As

Just as the sky encompasses the earth
so is my heart encompassed with love for you,
Just as the deer pants for the drink of water from the cool stream,
so does my mouth thirst to feel your lips pressed against mine.
Just as the dew covers the grass
so does the love from my heart cover you.
Just as you look in the sky and
see the twinkle of the stars in the sky,
think about the twinkle of passion you see within my eyes,
when you are sitting right next to me.
Just as Romeo was willing to die for Juliet,
so am I willing to give my life for you the man of my dreams.
Just to be close to you is what my heart mind and body longs for
and knowing that, that day will soon come keeps me holding on.
Just as God does not ever make mistakes and
Just as all that God does is good and
Just as when He brought you and I together for the very first time,
Just as God knew back then that this day would come
that you and I would be together forever now and eternally.

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