Just Be Yourself

Just be yourself
The wise words of wisdom

You want to fit in?
Just be yourself
You want people to like you?
Just be yourself

But is it really that easy?

If they knew the broken girl
Who’s biggest fear was being
Would they still like her?

If they knew about the girl
who’s panic attacks send her into
Blood Curdling screams night after night
Would she really fit in?

Just be yourself
It’s easier said than done

Will she really fit in?
Will they really like her?
The answer she thinks is

So what does she do?

She builds walls around her
Painting a picture of her best self

No flaws and no problems
Just like the world expects

But the truth?

She’s still that broken girl
Who fears being alone
And who has to scream night after night
Just to be heard.
Nothing will change that
But if she is this picture perfect version of herself
Just maybe
People will like her.

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