Just Because

Just because they're rich, doesn't mean they're happy…
And just because they're happy doesn't mean they're rich.
Image doesn't mean anything-
when spiritually you are living in a ditch.
Just because they're pretty doesn't mean they're perfect…
And just because they seem perfect, doesn't mean that they are.
They are a person just like you and me,
and are quite capable of hiding a scar.
Just because they smile doesn't mean that they aren't broken…
And just because they are broken,
doesn't mean that they don't smile.
You can be in your darkest days,
and still feel joy every once in awhile.
Just because they cry doesn't mean that they're weak…
And just because they're strong,
doesn't mean that they don't weep.
You can cry when you're high, and you can cry when you're low.
Whatever helps you to let the pain go.
And just because you may not see it,
doesn't mean that it's not there…
We all have problems,
and sometimes we all could use prayer.

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