Just create

We are indebted to the universe.
Energy comes with a price and we all must pay.
Why be a servant, when you can be a master of your
divine spark, human experience by creating immortal
memories so you can live through the minds of men,
speaking through them to them.

Man is a star restrained to a body,
his body is a planet revolving around it central sun.
Man haven't realize how great he is,
for man is the sun of God.
Come sit! Let me pour light in thy brain,
man appear to disappear not being aware that he
exists in silence and darkness.

The world is a movie,
everything is staged.
Same actor, different character.
Without an initiation,
the truth will always be a secret,
hidden in plain sight.
Be that changed you seek for
and become the best version of yourself.

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Key Words : Universe, Energy, human being, Knowledge, Wisdom, creativity, Free Style/Verse

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