Just Different

If you look quite close you may see,
the undyingly larger difference between you and me.

'I wish to try out for this you see!',
'I wish to be like the others!',
I try and try my hardest to impress,
but impressed not even my mother.

'You're just different',
'Difference is fine!'
No, difference gets you snotty looks thrown from behind

I'm small, I'm fragile
I'm pale and thin,
and if I get hit by a ball I'll 'Fly with the wind'!

I'm different, I'm shy
I'm nothing like you.
And someday I wish to be as bold as you.

To roam through the halls, and be greeted by friends?
I'd use that social advantage till the end.

Can you spot the difference?
Yup, that's true
On many levels, I'm nothing like you.

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