just drop it

Once the night begins to drop
& you think you lost your shot
dropping maps out open windows
driving in a ghost world without a plot
take a cold dip in this pool of wasted spaces
breathing out the beast of beats
breathing out the things that are weak
with our music now, turning out
yearning for a touch of release
tired of this pace, but winning the race
the touch of self reflection
tired of cerebration
waste is the chase tired is this place, marathon
between tense shoulders
empty is this space
when you slept in late
but i will wait for you
like that drive was long
like my unsung song
making it drip like that towel needed to be wrung
passing out and fadding away
deeper now i see decay
feeling spun with hands on the steering wheel
in control of what is real and all the fear that
is anything but near...

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