Just for Me (song of Solomon)

This is a song about a super mack,
feared by the cats and loved by the rats.
Dim the lights. I know that's right.
Glory be, are you all that, and
is all that just for me?
Yes I'm all that, and much more, so
close your mouth and shut the door.
I only have one, you have so many,
let me go and we'll both have plenty.
Well shackle my heart, call a cop,
syrup just jumped to a dollar a sop.
Straight up, I'm lion you're prey,
I won't let you go, no matter, no way.
This is my kingdom, you should know,
I decide when you come and when you go.
So strut your stuff, until there is none,
so let it be written, so let it be done.
What's that they say behind my back?
Gonna hate on me because I'm black?
Deceit rules by day, the night is a lie,
Life is a beach and then we die.
Power is my judge, money my jury,
You have no hope to foil that fury.
I don't love you, you don't need me,
My boyfriend's back, gonna set me free.

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