Just For Today

Just for Today
What is an addict?
An addict lies in an empty, dark, lonely, house.
He stares at the wooden photo frames that hold the pictures of his once young children.
Track marks running up and down his arms. He sits in sorrow, with the blinds closed tight, eye bags as black as night.
Needles and spoons lying everywhere.
He smells the addiction He's melting on the spoon. "Just for today, he thinks, tomorrow I'm done."
Weeks pass.
He feels the needle inserting his arm, he blacks out.
Months pass.
He tastes the aftertaste of the pain medication sliding down his dry throat. He can no longer find the worn-out veins in his arms.
He inserts the already used needle into his weak, scarred legs. He blacks out.
He wants to stop, but the addiction overtakes him.
He misses his three children; he remembers their smiles, laughs, and hugs.
But, most off all, how they were taken by the state. Days pass. There's another used needle added to the pile.
Hours pass.
An ambulance arrives; Overdose.
Weeks pass.
He ties the dull blue band around his upper arm, so tight, to stop the blood flow,
and again, inserts the needle.
He runs out of money. Only one thing is going through his head. Withdrawals. The hot flashes start. Then the scratching. He has scrapes all over his body.
The Constant Vomiting. He Feels Like He's Dying. The third of the new month comes around.
He gets his fix. He has his drugs.
He doesn't have his children. He doesn't have his health. He doesn't have his dignity.
So, what is an addict you might ask?
My father.

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