Just Friends

The fog coming up like a scene from an episode of scooby doo.
Makes me second guess myself about following you tonight.
But the longing in your eyes for me to listen. Has my undivided attention. Leading me into this darkness.
I'm infatuated with your smile.
A slight smirk that makes my heart melt.
Golden blonde hair that seems to glow when the light hits it like the sun. With the stubble on your chin to match.
Body perfection with muscles that look like they have been carved into your body by the greatest sculpture with the steadiest hand.
When you touch me i melt like ice cream in the midsummer sun.
I feel safe like no one could ever hurt me as long as you're around.
Your hand reaches up and pushes a strand of my hair behind my ear. I smile a look into your eyes. Then you tell me goodnight friend. Thanks for listening. Then you leave me standing in the moonlight.

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