Just give me two

I want to be important to someone that’s not family
I want someone to love me who doesn’t have to love me
I want to be able to walk into a room and not have to pick a personality
I’m known as an annoying, immature kid who never grew tall
I want to change that but how do I do that if I’ve already had my fall
I want to be someone who people at least can have respect for
I want to not hear my name always talked about in a bad way anymore
But how do I do that without a fresh start
I can’t have a fresh start though if my parents won’t let me dart
Wont let me switch schools so now I’m stuck with this one
Maybe switch friend groups but I’m not any fun
I want to have a best friend who actually wants me and let’s it be
I want to have a couple of friends who want to spend time with me
But how do I do that
Well I’m so close but I’ve only got one week
I’ve only got two that I have a shot with, thought it’s meek
I’ve got a friend who would not consider me even close to their best friend but their mine
I have no one else with who might want me to spend time
I’ve got a friend who might spend time with me this summer if I ask
But I want him to not do it out of pity or because I nag
But how do I get it further than that
I’ve lost all of my skills that I once had
Just a couple of years ago today
I had some friends who would come and play
But now who do I have
If I didn’t talk for one day
Do I really think someone will reach out to me or nay
But I don’t get
Why don’t those two like me
For others, it’s clear to see
I want to be someone who people want to be with
But I’m only missing like one step like a short width
What is that step that was once clear to me
Or maybe back then it was just easier to make friends you see
I’ve had one over but they didn’t stay for long
I don’t know what I’ve even done wrong
If we are together he’ll stay with me
But how is that even close to be
But when we’re not in the same room
Will he come running to change that soon
Or will I be lonely
Sitting and waiting if only
For anyone to come along
Who will take me for who I am
I shouldn’t need to worry about how I act when I enter a room like wam
Maybe I’m just annoying and that’s holding me back
But for now i just need to take a step back because obviously it is something I lack
This summer I need someone to hang out with me
But how do I do that without being pushy

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