Just Let It Burn

Imagine you're on fire,
And it's ever since you can remember,
And flames get ever higher,
Yet will never turn to ember,

Forever screaming for release,
But the inferno never dies throughout your cries,
Always increases never ceases,
It drys your eyes although you try,

Now imagine you found hope,
Something to take away the torcher,
So just one second you can cope,
As the scorched is tamed by water,

Like it's the first time you've felt rain,
And never felt so free before,
But soon all pains regained,
You need it again, but it takes more and more,

But always knowing when the feeling goes,
And your curse comes to return,
That the hurt you show forever grows,
And even worse will it still burn,

But now it's not just about the flames,
As the smoke takes away your breath,
And all the rain in the world can't douse the pain,
As now you slowly choke to death.

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