Just Like Me!

Have you ever wondered why, or, ever wondered what
could happen to you, with just one change of luck.
You want to save the world, but, you cant change yourself
because your all mixed up girl, just so mixed up.
Everyone wants you to be
tough as steel
but remember people, it bends with heat.
So sometimes, its all just to real !!
Now you dont know why, and, you dont know where
but sometimes its easier, just sit there and stare.
The pain inside can run so deep
but one thing i know, i swear i swear
They will never ever, see me wheep!!
Now, i know im smart, i know im nice
and always try to be so much fun.
But what i cant understand
Why, Why
Does everyone act like im so dumb!!
It wont change a thing, i am who i am
Will always help others, and be true till the end.
So, always be true to yourself
and, please follow your dreams.
For, one day they may be forgotten
Just like me !!!

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