Just Listen

By Crysan   

Shhhh….just listen
It's the sound of empty promises
Whispering in the wind
What’s that I hear?
Oh, just another proposition
A little tender vision
Interpreted to mean, a friendly frolic
No more
Despite words to the contrary
Not good enough for dinner
Certainly good enough to lie amongst the sheets
Shivering, shaking from emotion
Or is that just more bullshit throwing
Decisions to be made
Walk away or another door mat make
Who do you take me for?
Must be someone else you thought you knew
Someone with less backbone
Shhh…...just listen
What’s that I hear?
A closing door
No more lines and silly come ons
Deserving so much more
Who did you mistake her for?
Someone less than you
When she is so much more

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This Poems Story

This poem is about relationships and the position we put ourselves in at times, until eventually we realize it's a dead end street and it's time to move on.