Just Me

By TYAK   

Nobody knows, of the secrets I hold.
Nor one person heard, every story I've told.
That's the way I want it to be.
I'm like a funny mystery.
I could write a book, 1000 pages long.
About a day, that something went wrong.
Although some were real bad and some had me scared.
In time I learned, I wasn't just being weird.
Not weird, like creepy, or out of sync.
Just different, then normal, people may think.
I know if my book, were made for TV.
I would make it the funniest, comedy.
I have a real good story, to explain it all.
A life, like a good game, of double-dodge ball.
I'd be the voice heard, as you watched the screen.
Explaining how I learned, there was a chip in my key.
Or maybe the time, I went through a sky-lite.
Yep, that one, was not too bright.
Every story so different, but all were the same.
Cause I walked so close, to death and mane.
That's how I know someone's watching me.
Making sure, I fulfill, my destiny.
There is nothing of course I couldn't be.
So proud I am to be, Just me...

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