Just One Tear

One tear is all I have left-my addiction has stolen the rest.
Self pitty has stolen a million tears.
I've cried an endless river of tears,
because of the self-loathing, I have for myself.
Tears for lost time.
To many tears for lost friends.
Angry tears stain my cheeks.
Silent and lonely tears have began to drown the
bright little girl I once knew.
This shell I've become is almost dried up.
I'm left with one single tear.
One tear, released as a cry for help,
a plead with God, saying the many things pride hid for so long.
A tear so powerful it signs all control over to my Higher Power.
One mighty tear that will restore my sanity.
This one tear is more powerful then all of the
great generals history produced,
and it alone will rally the tears my addiction stole.
They will march like troops to fight the great war that
has become my sobriety...I will prevail

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