Just Run

Running in place
Got a picture on her wall-
But can only see it when she closes her eyes.
Bike chain,
Covered in grease
Won't get her there without a wheel.
Can't move away from here,
Trapped by expectations.
She's got city lights in her eyes,
Bends billboards into dresses.
Aspirations block her view of the present
Feels more like hate mail than a gift.
Her tears kiss her cheeks,
Turned into compliments before anyone notices them.
It all seems so much closer
She can practically taste hell,
See the flames SWallowing her.
Heaven isn't her destination,
She's given up that anyone would see the bruise on her right hand,
Compliment her back.
She's given away all her air
And received nothing.
It wouldn't be hard to leave.
The ropes holding her down
Are merely there because she looks for them.

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