Just say Thanks

Thanks, is an ordinary word, that many take for granted,
It has various meanings, that are within us deeply planted.
At a young age, we are taught, to always do what’s right,
And saying thanks demonstrates, that it’s good to be polite,

Thanks is an ordinary word, that many take for granted
Freely flowing from our tongues, it can appear to be canted.
We say it to show expressions, of appreciation and gratitude,
But oh so often, when forced to say it, we display our attitude.

Thanks is and ordinary word, that many take for granted,
So here’s a reminder that hopefully, will become implanted!
T is for the thoughts that are instilled in me,
H is for the happiness that I’m yearning to see,
A is for the admiration that I keep in my heart,
N is for the nourishment that will never part,
K is for the kindness running through my veins,
S is for the sincerity that will always remain!!

Written By: Sarita A. Milliner © 9/20/15

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