Just Simply You

Isn't it funny how you can just meet someone and have this crazy feeling about them?
How something about the way they talk let's you know they are special?
What if that someone was you?
Because it is.
And just like you can't spell beautiful without "Be U",
The sun can't rise until the stars lean down to kiss you.
Just stop...and look around the room.
Just look out the window and let time pass you by.
Because out there, there are guys like me whose definition of beauty begins with you.
And not just because we see you skin like the others do,
But because we also care about what's deeper within.
And because we want to see you for who you are.
And what are you?
If there was a word that could even be worthy enough to combined your beauty and the kindness of you heart,
The world would be thrown of its axis and tossed into another galaxy.
Because I know that no one deserves you,
But still part of me wishes for a chance,
To be that someone special.
Who helps you realize, that all the tears you cried,
Were to help you understand why that special guy is me.
But then again what is it but just another dream.
Another wish that my heart throws at me while I'm asleep.
And maybe it's to early to tell how I should feel about you,
But you never when life's hour glass will run out of sand,
Because life is crazy and nothing is guaranteed.
And with each breath that I take,
Is one less breath that I'll ever have the chance to share with you.
And as I wonder how I got lucky enough to stumble into your life,
I realize that maybe I was put in it for a reason.
One that is unknown to even me.
But when it comes down to it, what are you?
You're a Princess,
You are just simply you.
You're the warmth of the sun,
And the feint glow of the moon.
You're the calmness of a waterfall,
And the soft whistle of the wind.
You're an angel,
And you're just simply you.
You're the feeling words cannot explain.
You're the beauty that no picture could ever grasp or contain.
You are...Just simply you.

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