Just Stones

Life doesn’t run away
from you in one day.
In a new dawn,your sorrow melts away.
To getaway, you pray
to find an easy way.
Realize that those are just stones in your way!

God play,
to teach you how to breakaway
from your deray
and to prepare you for the next day.
It might trip your day,
but just dust it away.
Remember those are just stones in your way!

Try saying yay
to even small things that happened in your long day
and you will observe your problems fade away.
This is the way
to create a beautiful day.
Do not trip and fall by the way!

is going to stay at the end of your day
and Not everyone will want to make your day
Ignore the person being clanjamfray
and Avoid the person saying nay.
Kick the stone out of your way!

Stones are just a part of your walkway
called life. Finally, Hey,
apply this everyday
and have a good day.

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