Just the Beginning

It was only the beginning
Some days this girl was winning
Dancing in the kitchen like there's no tomorrow
Other days full of sorrow
Wondering why she's never good enough
Knuckles bleeding
She can't ever see the pain subsiding
Thoughts in her head are paralyzing
But she still somehow gets up everyday
Paints a fake smile on her face
If she doesn't she feels as though she will run away without a trace
Some days no ones home
Sprints downstairs, pops a bottle, gets faded all alone
Trapped in her own mind
Next day can't believe she downed all that patron
That bully sangria didn't agree with her
Feels as though she's on top of the world
People love her, she's the class clown
Could never think there's a reason to frown
She can't wait to be college bond
But soon the trials and tribulations
Jump into the pond
The pond that is her mind, the thoughts that made her knuckles bleed
and the sangria not agree came swimming back and she realized...
It was only the beginning

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