Just Thinking

I can look to myself and feel the change of the my emotion.
At times it is the realist thing I have ever felt.
Then there are times that it is the weakest emotion to ever grace my body.
How can a thought be so strong and confusing?
Sharing the thought of success can make a person so lost.
Success can take the direction you were once headed to a halt.
But yet it's not for me to allow myself the privilege to show someone else.
Can my silence hold me accountable for the actions not taken?
Closed mouths don't get feed?
But what if I'm not hungry?

I constantly look to pass my knowledge.
Yet, I never seem to find that person.
It seems that person to pass the secrets to are me.
Social people want you to talk but never want to listen.
The belief is that they will have a better understanding of the emotion
They cannot read on your face.
So for me the best emotion is the one I do not share.
Cause it is spoken that it will not be taken the way shared.

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