Just three simple words

Time seems…
To be moving faster than ever
Just like my heart
That's beating faster than ever

I knew you loved me when I first confessed
But it wasn't until now that I finally got to hear
Sweeter than honey, softer than a feather
You voice echoing in my mind forever
Just three simple words

When you finally said the only thing that
I have been dying to hear
I had to ask you to tell me one more time
'Cause darling…..
It didn't really feel real

Hearing it once, I was in a trance
Hearing it twice, I could only smile
Hearing it thrice, made me mesmerised

Everything started making sense
All the cold nights
With the muffled sounds of silent cries
Did not matter anymore
What really mattered was your smile
The smile that lit up my world
The smile that I would fight the world for

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This Poems Story

Just like every teenager in love, I too wanted to hear just three simple words.