Just Waking

Just work till you die
They never want to see you cry
Turn that frown upside down

Waking up to the sound of an alarm
Every day
Lunch hour
Happy now

Tried to do the right thing
Time after time
Played the nice girl
Life beats you down

Hey now
On your feet
Ice them later
Work hard now

Don’t get sick
Don’t get sad

If you stop eating
You might find love
If you stop feeling
You might find success
If you stop thinking
You might find happiness
If you stop breathing
You might get rest

Sure they’ll tax that too
Should’ve voted more
Should’ve voted better
Should’ve been worth more
Could’ve earned them more

Grin and bare all that you’re owed
Take the punch
Turn the other cheek

Buy another minute
Buy a chance a hope
20 years longer

Another degree
Another course
Gunna raise you up to work forever honey

Suck dick
Choke on it
Let them rip you to shreds
That’s all that you were worth

Take it
Fake it

Don’t forget to smile
If you turn your attitude around
They just may let you make it

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