Just Watch Me

You have held death by his reins
looked him in the eye
bared your teeth
and screamed with fire in your lungs

You have embraced life
giving it warmth
caressed her with weathered hands
your voice a loving lullaby

You have stood before the storm
unwavering before it's thunder
beat your chest like a drum
with your head held high

You have looked upon the sun
fire dancing in your skin
bowed down before her power
no fear hidden in your eyes

You have grasped hate with your hands
extinguished the black fire
blood running through your fingers
a smile upon your face

You have opened yourself to misery
placed it close to your heart
used it to push yourself forward


Why now do you bow to fate?
Rear it up like a misbehaved child
Your body is made of stone, hard and unmoving
Your fists have moved mountains
Your mind has known no bounds
Your fingers have reached the sky

Do not bow down
take that false illusion
the self imposed limit
and whisper in her ear
"Just watch me."

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