Just You and I


Low flying geese, acting as sky police
Hovered above the slow fermentation of a bloody sunset.
The orange orb left like a lamenting pup.
That was the night I found you,
When the first firefly flew among the storm of stars.
Your spirit, I imagined, rode on its back.

Your body, not warm to my tentative, embracing touch
Orange eyes fixed open, breathing stopped,
A fixed embodiment of earthly atoms.
I wanted our meandering adventures to resume.
Just you and I.

Why didn't you wait for me?
We could have flown together.
I could have arranged it to the very nanosecond.
Our spirits dispersing on the backs of flying fires,
Merging to walk in the mad glow of moonrise.

I cannot bear it. The vacancy. The suffocating vacuum.
I cannot stand in the sacred space I found you.
I offer you a free ride in my heart, onward always.
Just... why didn't you wait for me?
We could have finished our walks and left together.
We could have left together.
Just you and I.

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