Justice: A Dying Human Service

Before your throne
humankind concourse
to seek redress and healing,
to complain and
to exact reparation.
Daily, your temple is
inundated with pains and
complaints of every living soul
who gather to solicit remediation.
In you mankind believes to
set straight something crooked,
in you humankind trusts
to correct something
defective and deficient;
for millennial,
avenger you have become.
Justice! Justice! Justice!
Where are your denotative,
yes, visible magnetic strings--
that draw mankind to you?
Justice-when you sit on--
judgment throne--everyone--
free and slaves become exulted.
Justice--where are you--
Should it be so: wake up!
On a journey? Please, return home.

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This Poems Story

I am Silas Olaoyin Abaymi, a former assistant professor of Communication, University of Lagos, Nigeria. I taught international communication, mass media, media economy and African communication systems for about ten years. Upon relocating to United States, my research and academic interest changed to anthropology, linguistics, and cultural studies. Recently, I published a research work on Yoruba People of Western Nigeria at: http://www.yorupedia.com; a veritable resource tool for scholarship. My recent poetry book, The Watchnight Songs, uses poetry to address socio-cultural and political issues; moreso, I am using poetry to create convergence among disciplines and faculties. Gender equality advocate, a promoter of equality for people with disabilities.