Justice Ain’t Free

They take me from the motherland and strip me of my language, culture , royalties, and my freedom. We going on a journey to a new place. In these shackles I feel so out of place. They look like me but I can’t make out what they say.

I’m intrigued but this boat ride got me and the others sick. Some of us die and we thrown overship. But they won’t quit. They on a mission to get us to the promise land. Promises of a new life. But I only feel the promise of a new death over and over again.

You see many have been on this journey. Many have survived the lashes and master breaking them down . I assured you this justice ain’t free because as I fast forwarded to the present a lot of us sit shackled in the penitentiary. See we in the slave trade all over again. Justice ain’t free when my own people killing our own free of charge. But yet we screaming for justice and in reality that just ain’t so.

This time innocent souls lost. But you really think we free. I laugh but don’t pity me. Crazy how we yell for justice when we sit here comfortably. So if you thought it ain’t come with a price then you really ain’t understanding this thing so called life. We all pay the price.

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