Justice and Equity

Justice and Equity
Justice and Equity is like a blindfolded man going into a war zone
He knows he will not die knowing nothing, hearing all the loud silence around him (oxymoron)
His brain-blowing like the wind in a tornado
His fears are eating him up like lava on rocks, he hungry for justice and equity just, like Garfield to eat lasagna.
He thinks he's going to be here for a 1,000 years fighting for it , bodys fall down becoming the ground, his just the looker.
Heated body of summer; angry bombs blowing up all around.
Throw this all he remembers his friend letters to him he was telling him “everything going to all right be safe” just to calm him but he knows what he's saying is that you might die but try not to.
Life as he knows it might be coming to an end but he is still fighting for Justice and Equity he might be a blindfolded man in the war zone but throw it all he still knows why he wants to be here and is trying to find the next step to the top trying to put justice and equity into this crazy world.

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