I listen to the fucking rain falling drinking my coffee,
seeing and speaking to no one!
I haven't seen anybody in weeks.
My life is the TV, computer and window.
No one walks by in the daylight, only in the dark of night;
I hear their footsteps, running, always running.
Music sounds wicked strange today,
it's the thunder rumbling in the background.
I ran out of milk this morning;
Where's that damn mask? I can't find my mask!
The store says I can't come in without it. SHIT!!
Why does cat keep staring at
the wall?
Is there a secret world hiding in there?
Or have I been in this apartment for so long,
I've gone freakin' nuts?!
Oh shit, I hear a flute playing in the room upstairs.
I don't have a flute, and there's no one else here.
Oh great, so now I have ghosts in my house?
Well, that explains my weird cat staring all day,
or maybe he's dead, "Tigger, look at me","TIGGER"!
Dammit, he won't move; now what the hell?
Oh look,
the picture over the mantle is crooked again,
fuckin' ghost.

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