Kaleidoscope Eyes

Baby you're like a chameleon
Next time I see you,
I don't know who you're gonna be
Are you gonna be Cinderella
Or will you be Thelma and Louise

Are you gonna be calm and serene
Or will you erupt into Ms. Vesuvius
Will you be apt to lend a helping hand
Or wanna throw me under the bus

Always changing
Constantly changing
You're an unexpected surprise
You're a most captivating woman
with mesmerizing kaleidoscope eyes

You make me love you and hate you
And love you all over again
At times you make me feel like the biggest loser
And other times like I'm always gonna win

Should I stay or should I go
My emotions are all mixed up
Should I fight or should I flee
Seems like enough is never enough

I don't know what it is about you
And I don't know if I can take much more
But every time I gaze into those kaleidoscope eyes
My heart screams, What are you waiting for?!

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