Kaleidoscope eyes

fifty-seven shades of blue
in your kaleidoscope eyes.
morphing the world.
maybe that’s why I’m stunning
in your kaleidoscope eyes —
I am twisted and bent into something beautiful

and when I ask you
you say I’ve been staring at a fractured mirror
waiting for it to heal —
but your kaleidoscope eyes
fill in the cracks

ticking slows and ceases
to you, blue-eyed time thief
flickering in and out of my mind
and my days.
minutes and hours stop to look
at you, blue-eyed time thief

now —
I am a kaleidoscope.
and I don’t know which one of you to address
in this distorted world
as all of your lips move at once

and maybe we live —
die —
breathe —
in a kaleidoscope of gold stars,
and fall
with the fractures in our eyes,
and crown each other royalty
on a background of broken blue

and maybe that’s okay
and seeing straight
isn’t what it was
and I’d rather try to watch a hundred of you all at once
than not at all

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This Poems Story

“Blue eyed time thief” is a reference to a poem by Emily Rizza