Kaleidoscope Green

Sorrow comes quick
Loneliness never falters
Winds in waves with blue tears
Rips across hot black ground just paved
Don't speak never ask it won't change
Mindless thoughts cannot see

Kaleidoscope green sees through faded glass with a one-way view
Dreams come into focus wake up in pools of sweat confused and wonder
Could this be true
There is no more and another

Years gone, melted away like the lines on my face it will never fade away
Kaleidoscope green wasted it all
Used and damaged
Numbness of pain, now I know it all
Years will move on,
Sorrow and loneliness still drifts into the never-ending dreams that wake me
A prisoner of a dream that won't end night after night
Kaleidoscope green walks through my mind with one-way green vision

It's all just deception
My own demons I allow to fester
Yet I still see the green in every dream
A pill won't dissolve the pain or this despair
This infliction if you dare
It won't let go, anguish anger and doubt
This damage done in shades of earthly colors
Kaleidoscope green with one-way green vision

Stop haunting my dreams, take the color away
Give freedom back to me
Won't you have some compassion

I could run far away, seek my freedom out
Never to see those green eyes again
But will it make it fade away
This pain this sorrow this despair
No absolution, nothing to follow

I could have found love
A promise for life
Now I feel nothing, I gave it all out
I need my dreams back
So I can once again live
In the world that surrounds me
Green fade away
Help me come back
Kaleidoscope Green with one-way green vision.

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