His dark angel wings
From a fallen past;
A broken soul
Like shattered glass
Trapped by want
Damned by greed
Broken by pain
Strengthened by weakness
An immortal breed

His victims lay
In their shallow graves;
Cut and torn
In utter decay;
Dead are those who spoke
Dead are those who dreamed
Dead are those who dared to breath;
But he;
He lay with those who live
Future victims of he
‘Beware, Beware’ the victims scream;
For victims they will be
All those
But he

Their broken hearts
Strung by strings
Their broken bones
Snapped like twigs
Crushed to powder
Their mad lives;
Hear their screams
Small and broken
Gasping for air
A sound unbroken
From their words unspoken
Don’t speak

Their powers soar
By magic they feed;
From far above
A fallen seed;
A want from hunger
Turned to greed;
By power they soar
By magic they feed
By hunger turned greed;
They scream

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