Her father's name lawerence harris(joe harris),
her mothers name's carla a. fields(betty harris).
and her name is karitha k. candler,
a millionare authorfrom the writing field.

She meets they military college soldier(ARMY),
by the name of antonio williams(antonio d. saulsberry).
with his new design the stealth's" night predator",
beginning built under antonio williams.

As she falls in love with him deeply,
as their to lifestyle begins to come togather.
to make them a even better couple,
once they learn to work togather..

her personal manager woodten"bug-a-boo"jones,
to her manage her writing life(woodrow a. saulsberry).
as she went from 5 million to 15 million dollars,
using her excellent writing life(movie).

they got married later:karitha and antonio:movie,
karitha kimberly candler,carla annimarie fields.

karitha kimberly candler:carla karitha annimarie harris

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