Living in a world made up of greed & vengeance
Scared to look in the mirror, praying I don't see a
Addicted to the chaos but I feign for normality
Cause all I ever do is try to escape my own reality

I'm blessed & cursed with a riot inside
Wondering when my mind will finally bury me alive
My kind of darkness only seems to drives one to the darkest
Being forced to be the canvas, while Life is the artist

Its funny how people have the capability to ruin your mental
Trying to retrace back to the time when my soul became so gentle
I'm alone w the essence that Is now brought to life
Questioning existence while I'm holding a knife

We transcend to where our mind meets our own hell As we make our own fate, deciding whet her we live in a lifelong cell
Sometimes feeling natural to us, we get comfy with our demons
Contemplating everything weve done, only to validate it w reason

Still living in a world made up of greed an vengence
Still scared to look in a mirror knowing I'll see a resemblance
All the chaos is scarce, now that I found the normality
Regretting my escape for what used to be my reality

×K A R M A

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