I'm usually very sarcastic when I write these poems
of revenge and bitterness, usually I would sit here
and say, "I hope you're happy" but right now I want
to tell you that I will be happy soon enough, soon
I'll be content as fuck with my life and my mind and
you'll be up at four am filled with anxiety and
confliction and bad dreams, and I'll be at home in
my bed sound asleep. I don't care what happens to
you, I'm on the road to redemption and soon enough
the galaxies growing inside of me will be laid out
for everyone to see, my tears will be brief and
they'll melt away into the floor and my skin will
glow from t.v. screens and consume their beings
like the moon did on the nights you consumed my
mind, my words will forever linger in their hearts.
You'll be at home watching me on t.v. and I'll be
everywhere showing them what you made of me.

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