You claim to have loved me but after years of remembering I know it
wasn't me that you loved.You loved the taste and look of my blood
running down my face, chest,arms,legs dripping right to the floor.
You loved the sound of my screams and that snap of my bones breaking
by your hand.You loved the sound of my tears and my pleading for you
to stop and how my sorry,worthless self begged for your forgiveness
for things unknown to me.I know this is true because when I picked
myself off the bloodstained floor,cleaned myself off and realized I
was worth more and left,you cried,you fought for me,
your dropped to your knees begging for my forgiveness.Now it
is my turn to hurt you.Not by watching you bleed or breaking
your bones one by one but by showing you that there is life
and happiness without you.That there are people who actually love
me and want to see my smile.This is the way I rip your heart out of
your chest,pick it apart piece by piece while you watch someone else
make all my dreams come true.The dreams you tried so hard to tear
apart are alive and being lived despite your brutal ways.You can no
longer hurt me.My life is now blissful despite your efforts to put
me in the ground.But after all this,I don't hate you.I actually
thank you.If it wasn't for the blood shed by your hand and broken
spirit and heart by your words,I would have never become strong.
I would have never found the real me.You didn't break me,you
made me stronger.For that I thank you.Must be a bitch to see what
you could have had and to see that you lost to a woman who was
and is stronger than you will ever be.Here is to the future that
you are not good enough for and to the past that became your demise.

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