Karman: Karma Incarnate


Your frequency screams you’ve earned this. You yearn for it.
Come, sit down, relax. Enjoy my wrath, as I stroke your back.
Sinful essence intoxicating: your heartbeat accelerating.
Take in the lascivious fragrance…
Don’t plead, your need for me to hurt you bleeds through.
That’s what your deeds say. So I’ve come a very long way.
Don’t fight, it’s time you suffer…bite down on this buffer.
No. I won't wait. Or hear another word…don’t bother.
Your dossier says your best teacher is pain-
and who better than I, to bring the rain?
Don't complain, you've summoned me with your ways.
Over eons my name has changed, but my game remains.
I go by Karman now days. Don't you recognize my face?
Relax, don't react, or go running. Look me in the eyes-
when I'm coming…
No matter how much it hurts, or how much worse it gets-
you must know, from the depths of your soul…
you’ve earned it.

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