Katie and Her Kite

The smile on her face was brighter than the sun surrounding her.
I couldn't help but laugh as her infectious giggle rode the wind.
"Make it go higher daddy! " she said while running by my side.
Her voice fluttered with every step she took through the sand.
With her hands cupped above her eyes and her head tilted,
I chuckled thinking she looked like she would fall over backwards.
I watched her eyes follow every move that little yellow kite made.
It was then I realized how much she looked like her mother.
As she stood by my side I asked, "Do you want to fly it? "
She nodded with excitement as I took her hands into mine.
"You have to hold on tight and don't let go", I said with a smile.
"Ok daddy" she replied as the kite hovered high in the air above.

Suddenly her expression turned from pride to curiosity,
"What happens if I let go of the string? " she asked.
"Well, the kite will fly higher and higher until it's out of sight."
Satisfied with my answer, her smile returned once again.
We flew our kite for hours that bright and sunny afternoon.
Our laughter filled the air as we cherished every minute of that day.
Then suddenly her smile changed and a look of peace donned her face.
Seconds later she released the string and raised her arms to the sky.
We both watched as the kite climbed until it was gone.
A little puzzled, I looked at her and asked, "Why did you let it go?"
"It was so much fun daddy; I wanted to give mommy a turn".
I gave her a hug and whispered, "Your mother would be proud of you."

As we made our way back from the sand dunes that day,
I stopped and turned for one last look into the sunset.
I could only picture her mother smiling while flying that kite.
It was then I knew, this would always be a day to remember.

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