Kayla Baez

If I Were A Superhero

If I were a super hero I would help all children being abused
If you are being abused your world is not crumbling down
There is always a bright side
And it is coming soon
It is coming for them and it is coming for you.
I would help the child in pain and have tears that have to fall
But I just want to help them and keep them from suffering that's all.
Don't think about what is happening now
Think about what is coming at the end.
The time when you are happy and smiling
You won't think about when you were down and crying
You might remember here and there
But it is only in your mind
Only there
So I will lift you off your feet and take you to a special place
A place where all of your bad memories will be erased
When people make mistakes forgive them
You would want someone to forgive you if you were them
When people do bad things to you
And use hateful words
Push it to the side because you have high
You are sitting there wishing someone could help
You think no one could
But I would
You are sitting in a corner all alone
Towards you things are being thrown

Right now you are in the fire
But in the future the people that hurt you
You will be their desire
They will look and wish they were you
You will inspire others not only you
If I were a superhero
I would teach you everything you need to know
What's wrong and where is the right way to go

You live in fear
You are scared to go home
Where you will be hurt and alone
But we are all with you
Here to support you
When you are in the problem and you don't know what to do
Think of this poem and the truth will come through
Tell a trusted adult right away
This poem is not just for the contest and it is not to play
I am here to guide you each step of the way

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