By Daiah   

What do you do when the place meant to keep you safe, starts to feel like a cage?
Do you run?
Do you hide? Maybe, even pretend that everything is all right? If you want to know what I picked, it was the latter. I played the role of the content child.
Didn't ask questions that will make my drunk Dad angry. Avoided talking because my voice made mum unhappy.
When my friends wanted to hang out, I'd always say, "Sorry guys can't make it, I am busy." Eventually they stopped asking, all the while thinking "Freda is just tripping."
Had they prodded further and asked "What business keeps you so held up?"
I would reply.
Making sure my brother doesn't kill our dad during their fights.
Being my mother's sounding board so that she doesn't commit suicide.
Funny how our neighbours think the Allegros are just a "lively" bunch. When what lies behind the closed door is Hamlet's theme, a tragedy.
Things flipped when Dad lost his job and Alessandro was taken to court for assault. Mum seems to know the full story, I am still left in the dark.
If it wasn't for Grandpa we would have lost the house and I would be out of school.
I am starting to forget that we even had good times together. At this point I really want to leave before I become the chaos that's in front of me, but I don't want to lose the people I call family.

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