Keep Fighting

They say keep fighting
All these wrongs that I've been righting
What's left, left in these writings
In the dark looking for lighting
They say keep fighting
A war which there's no winning
The boundaries are only thinning
I was love in the beginning
They say keep fighting
I don't feel!
Like a paraplegic
I fed my love to bulimics
It hardened me, made me strategic
But I say keep loving
Not everyone will be deserving
Paradoxical when you're hurting
But even seeds grow after buried.
I say keep loving
I know it's a haystack but be a needle
Love of self and another's equal
Hurt people just hurt people
So we need to keep living
I put a halo on you like a blessing
Sentenced myself from the lesson
Forgot love and was regressing.
No! I need to keep loving!
My wall encloses my enemy
Avoiding pain is what kills me
My account of death resurrects me
To love is to start living
We idolize Netflix and chilling
We say "Eff love" and it's soul killing
Because we’re love but we stopped giving
To live is to start loving

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