keep me close. ok?

your aura entices me
filling my senses with butterscotch flavored lies
it’s almost as if you have a place inside me
a place way too close to home
but hun do the nights feel lonely without me?
did you always want me gone?
when and if you speak the words i’ve been waiting to hear
i don’t know if that’s what i need anymore
inscribing your flaws on my faults was a method of loosing the part of you i can’t stop falling for.
feeding mine and others the idea that i can do better
what is it about you that i always am crawling back upon?
why is it only you that my soul is etching in itself on?
i find that mornings are quite beautiful and sweet i tend to not see you till noon which flips all the previous plans to get over you.
everything about you screams my perfect soulmate, so why is it that we can’t ever be?

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somethings are meant to be remembered others are meant to be forgot but never gone.